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 ===== Organizing Committee ===== ===== Organizing Committee =====
-  * Christophe Dessimoz, COSI co-chair (University of Lausanne and Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics) 
   * Lars Arvestad, Abstract co-chair (Stockholm University)   * Lars Arvestad, Abstract co-chair (Stockholm University)
-  * Edward Braun (University of Florida, ​USA)+  * Edward Braun (University of Florida
 +  * Christophe DessimozCOSI co-chair (University of Lausanne & Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics)
   * Nadia El-Mabrouk (University of Montreal)   * Nadia El-Mabrouk (University of Montreal)
   * Wataru Iwasaki (University of Tokyo)   * Wataru Iwasaki (University of Tokyo)
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   * Janani Ravi, Awards chair (Michigan State University)   * Janani Ravi, Awards chair (Michigan State University)
   * Giltae Song (Pusan National University)   * Giltae Song (Pusan National University)
-  * Louxin Zhang, Area chair, COSI co-chair (National University of Singapore) +  * Louxin Zhang, COSI co-chair (National University of Singapore)
 ===== Key Dates =====  ===== Key Dates ===== 
 More detailed information could be found at [[https://​www.iscb.org/​ismbeccb2019-keydates|Keydates]]. More detailed information could be found at [[https://​www.iscb.org/​ismbeccb2019-keydates|Keydates]].
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